The Start of Tooth Suite Family Dentistry

The Stelmaschuk name has been associated with the delivery of dental services in the Lloydminster area for almost sixty years. In the fall of 1963, when the population of this city consisted of just over six thousand residents, it would have been difficult to foresee the growth of the city and the growth of Dr. Stelmaschuk’s new developing practice.
Victor Stelmaschuk grew up near Yellow Creek Saskatchewan, a small farming village North-East of Saskatoon. Typically, he was a prairie youth attending a one room rural schoolhouse, grades one to eight. He then attended the High School in Yellow Creek, graduated, then moved to Saskatoon, where he enrolled in a pre-dental science program for two years at the University of Saskatchewan. Victor then moved to Edmonton, having been accepted into the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Alberta, in 1959.
After four years, he graduated with a DDS degree (Doctor of Dental Surgery) in 1963. That same summer, having married Pat, a graduate of the Faculty of Education at U of A, Victor and his new bride decided to make Lloydminster their home. It proved to be rather permanent. Victor opened the door to his practice that fall, having been welcomed by the three elderly, over-worked, established dentists at the time.
The early years of the Stelmaschuk dental enterprise did not come without struggles and heartache. Starting a new dental practice in the 60’s came with the usual challenges. Associate-ships were un-common, especially in the smaller centers. Post-educational debts, business start-up costs such as lease-hold improvements, dental equipment purchases, house and vehicle payments, along with other living expenses were every day challenges that required diligence. In 1964, Dr. Stelmaschuk endured great family tragedies, as well, first with the news of his mother-in-law’s diagnosis of terminal cancer, and then the untimely passing of his own mother.
Over the years, Dr. Stelmaschuk’s practice grew due to his dedication to the profession and the widening of his reputation. He was growing with his home life as well. Vic and Pat confirmed Lloydminster as their home with the birth of their two children, Ian and Marianne, who were born in 1967 and 1968 respectively.
In 1968, the five-year lease for Vic’s dental office space had expired thereby, having been asked to move out of 5012 48 St. Victor then set up a new office across the street in Dr. Cleal’s new 2-storey office building at 5009 48 St. In 1978, an opportunity arose to purchase a corner property at the end of the block where the new Dental Arts Building was erected. The office address then became 5020- 48 St.
In retrospect then, in fifteen years, the Stelmaschuk dental office location changed three times, yet remained within the confinement of the same city block. That’s “Life in the Big City!”
Meanwhile, Marianne, having graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, first with a Bachelor of Science degree and then a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 1996, first set up her associate-practice in Airdrie, Alberta. Then in 1998, she decided there was no place like home, and returned to Lloydminster, Alberta. When finally built and constructed, her office, named Tooth Suite Family Dentistry, was located at 5019 47 S, one short block away from the “old” Stelmaschuk office.

Tooth Suite

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